Grading Mom and Dad

In Grading Mom and Dad, kids from the same school, but completely different family backgrounds, are brought together to grade their mom and dad on their parental skills, revealing an entertaining and sometime emotional wake up call.

Each episode, the parents watch prerecorded clips of their children speaking freely about their normal – and not so normal – home life. There’s no hold barred as these kids disclose to their mom, dad and the viewing public what they really think about the amount of time spent together, mom’s cooking, or dad’s sense of humour, or how he misbehaves at their weekly soccer game.

The clips can be confronting, but always heartwarming and fun. After each clip, the parents get an opportunity to react to these heartfelt and embarrassing revelations.

Some of the children are also invited to share with the host personal stories of their unconventional home life; for example what it’s like growing up in a single parent household, living on a remote farm or with a dad who participates in extreme sports.